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3 Steps To Increase The Power Of The Mind Through Ayurveda Yoga Therapy

Ayurveda teaches you to empower yourself so you can make the best healthiest choices for yourself.

Ayurveda integrates a holistic approach to health and healing so by enhancing your health and wellness, you can enhance the health and wellness of others and the planet.

The power of Ayurveda Yoga Therapy through direct perception

Direct perception is important in Ayurveda because it allows us to observe things through your direct experience.

Through your own direct experience you are able to perceive truth, through the power of discrimination.

Discriminating or Veiveka as it is called in Sanskrit means contemplating what is right for you without being influenced by others or your clouded mind.

Through this discrimination you can deduce your own conclusions regarding your health and healing.

Don’t rely on just inference (the power of reason through speculation) and instruction (perceptions from others) which are limited and can be misinterpreted.

Getting advice from someone trained in alternative medical or healing practices, such as an ayurveda yoga therapist is great in the beginning, and periodically through your journey to optimal health.

As an ayurveda yoga therapist and a teacher for the sacred seed yoga and ayurveda college, I personally must show and allow my clients to awaken their own direct perception for their own clarity, certainty and reasoning.

Therefore, you should learn to perceive yourself through your own direct perception and identify any imbalances or disharmony; then make the appropriate changes using the science and psychology of Ayurveda to come back into balance.

Here are some Ayurveda yoga therapy tips you can use to enhance your health and well-being.

1. Create positive impressions through your senses. What you take in through the external world, feeds this level of your mind. For greater health, you should take in wholesome impressions that enhance your life force and vitalize your mind. Some examples include spending more time in nature and simplifying your life; not taking in too many negative or violent impressions.

2. Develop positive emotions. The feelings and emotions you have towards yourself and other living things influence the state of your mind. For healthy emotional and mental nourishment you should contemplate and cultivate feelings of love through, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, devotion, appreciation, joy and bliss.

3. Project positive thoughts. Having positive loving thoughts instead of fearful ones will allow yourself to create those events, circumstances and experiences into your life. Think of the law – projection/reflection as what you give out (through thoughts, emotions, actions and speech) is what is reflected back to you.

Creating a positive mind-set involves living in harmony with people, nature and your surroundings.

When you are able to practice the three important steps above, you get one step closer to finding ultimate peace and joy. You become an unconditional loving being on your way to mental, emotional and spiritual healing. You learn to help and heal yourself as well as others.

Take time everyday to cultivate positive impressions, emotions and thoughts through meditation, introspection and contemplation.

When this happens, you evolve and expand your higher mind of discrimination, intuition and consciousness.

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