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How To Balance Your Pitta Constitution In Ayurveda

If you have some Pitta in your constitution then the information presented in this article will be extremely important to help balance your fire element.

Due to your lifestyle, eating habits and external environments Pitta can easily be accumulated in excess which can affect your health and wellness in a negative way.

Pitta is the most easily aggravated by having too much fire or heat in the body.

Balancing Pitta requires changing and reducing specific things in your life that tend to increase Pitta.

Before you take the appropriate action to reduce your pitta dosha, you should first know and understand the main causes of high Pitta.

Causes of high Pitta

Exposure to hot & moist weather

Eating a diet consisting of hot and warm foods & spices including too many hot beverages

Eating too many cooked foods and meat; not eating enough fruits and vegetables

Eating too many oily and fried foods

Not eating enough meals throughout the day

Exercising too excessively – especially aerobic activity where the body gets overheated.

Being too competitive

Working in an environment that goal oriented and over-working

Lack of sleep and rest.

Symptoms of high Pitta

Skin conditions such as rashes, hives and eczema

Acne and cold sores

Red, inflamed or light-sensitive eyes

Acute inflammation of joints

Acid reflux, gastric or peptic ulcer and heartburn

Nausea, stomach camps or discomfort upon missing meals

Increased feeling of heat in the body

Feelings of frustration, anger, irritability

Being judgmental, impatient, critical and intolerant

When pitta is high one desires foods, clothes and environments that is cooling in nature.

One is more prone to diseases and conditions such as fevers, inflammatory diseases, liver disorders, blood disorders, infections, rashes and other skin conditions.

How to balance your Pitta Dosha in Ayurveda

Reducing Pitta mainly involves adopting a Pitta ayurveda diet and eating the right foods for Pitta constitution.

Reducing Pitta requires channeling ones energy to perform the necessary actions for reducing Pitta and staying committed over a period of time for treatment to be effective.

The main actions for decreasing high Pitta require doing the opposite of what cause high Pitta – mentioned above. This includes decreasing the main qualities of hot, oily, and light and adding more cool, dry, and heavy qualities.

As far as your diet is concerned, you would have to eliminate oil foods, especially anything fired and high saturated fats and consume drier, cooling foods such as such as fruits and vegetables, lightly cooked with the appropriate spices and oils.

Activities and environments should be cooling in nature where one can relax more. Pitta types should avoid the hot sun or heat and not to over work such that they burn themselves.

In addition people with excess pitta should refrain from too much exercise and performing activities that make them sweat too much.

Pitta types should avoid things that irritate them, make them angry or hot-tempered. One of the best medicines for Pitta is surrender and just “go with the flow”.

They should cultivate a faith or relationship with a divine power or natural force that they can surrender to and thus work towards a higher purpose.

Practicing ayurveda yoga therapy and registering in various ayurveda courses & programs can also be very beneficial in finding complete balance.