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Kapha Dosha And Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy can help bring kapha doaha into balance.

For ayurveda and yoga therapy to be effective, one must understand the nature of the Kapha constitution.

Here is a simplified understanding and some characteristics and qualities of Kapha dosha.

Kapha represents the elements of water and earth.

Kapha people are generally strong with hefty, robust and thick body frames.

Their bones, hair and teeth are well developed and they often have large round eyes.

Kapha people have excellent vigor, vitality and health – with long life spans.

The main qualities of Kapha are wet, oily, cool, heavy, dull or slow, sticky, soft and steady or fixed.

So having a Kapha constitution means that these qualities will express themselves greatly through their mental, emotional and physical nature. It is important to understand these Kapha qualities to apply ayurvedic yoga therapy.

The wet and oily quality can allow for good lubricated joint function, but in excess can lead to increased mucous.

The cool quality may manifest as cool skin and a laid-back or cool temperament.

Heaviness often manifests as a large, sturdy and heavy physical body but in excess may cause over-weight. The heaviness also may make it difficult for them to let go of material goods, emotions and thoughts.

Slowness can manifest actions of a slow and steady nature as well as slower thinking and assimilation process.

Softness may manifest as a soft heart that feels compassion and empathy. In addition, their skin and tissues may be soft.

Stability can manifest as support and loyalty to friends, family and colleagues but in excess could cause stubbornness or sluggishness.

Density can manifest as good strong stamina with well-formed muscles and bones. This quality enables Kapha people to withstand vigorous exercise – especially anaerobic.

Kapha people need to move and become more mobile as they are prone to becoming overweight which can lead to diabetes, joint problems and heart conditions.

Negative effects: Kapha people can become stubborn and set in their ways. They may prevent themselves from stepping out of their comfort zone and even become lazy or lethargic if they don’t give themselves a little push or change. Kapha people also easily get attached to people and possessions.

Positive effects: Kapha people are calm and quiet – they listen well and are very considerate, compassionate, supportive, loving and understanding. They are loyal and have a strong mind and body.

Career: Kapha people can often perform work that is heavy and strenuous in nature but often need stimulation while they do it. They like caring for others thus they make good social workers and often do well in public relations. They are generally successful in their careers and they like to accumulate wealth and possessions for themselves and their family.