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Pitta Dosha And Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy can help bring Pitta doaha into balance.

For ayurveda and yoga therapy to be effective, one must understand the nature of the Pitta constitution.

Here is a simplified understanding and some characteristics and qualities of Pitta dosha.

Pitta represents the element of fire.

Pitta people have average builds and bodily frames (often muscular) with good circulation and warm extremities.

They tend to overheat and are therefore drawn to food and beverages that are cool and wet in nature.

Pitta people have high metabolisms and can easily burn themselves out and feel depleted.

The main qualities of Pitta are oily, sharp, hot, light, unpleasant or fleshy smelling, mobile and liquid.

So, having a Pitta dosha means that these qualities express themselves greatly through their mental, emotional and physical make up.

The oily quality allows for soft skin but, in excess, can result as oily skin causing acne.

The sharp quality manifests as sharp and penetrating features such as their eyes. Their sharp minds make them bright and intellectual individuals.

The hot quality often manifests as a warm and rosy complexion along with warm body temperature, strong metabolism and strong appetite. Excess heat in them causes ulcers, rashes, heartburn or a hot temper.

The light quality may manifest as a slender or skinny body type and they may become light-headed if they miss a meal.

The unpleasant or “fleshy-smelling” quality manifests as a strong body odor, often sour in nature.

The mobile quality may cause them to influence their power or opinions towards others. This quality can also be responsible for the spreading of certain conditions like rashes around your body.

The liquid quality manifests as excess sweating; when it’s mixed with the hot quality it can present as bleeding disorders or excess stomach acid.

Negative effects: Due to their qualities, Pitta people can become over aggressive and competitive. They will sometimes use their power to manipulate others or fulfill goals and desires to satisfy their ego. They are often known as “go getters” and may become angry or irritable if things don’t go their way.

Positive Effects: Pitta people are out-going and have the motivation and enthusiasm to get things done. This can be used to help serve others in many different functions and ways. They are bright and smart which allows them to be innovative and find solutions to problems.

Career: Pitta people have an average strength and capacity for work and they love to engage in important activities that involve using their intellect and intelligence. They are natural leaders and do extremely well achievement results that are in line with their goals.