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The Power Of Prayer And Contemplation

Prayer and Contemplation are wonderful tools for manifesting wellness.

The per-requisite for using these tools for wellness isĀ  accepting who you are and your current physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Once you are in that place of acceptance, you can create an intention to have more health and wellness.

Also, once you are able to bring your own state of being into a place of wellness, where you feel good and content about yourself, you can then start to share your intention and feeling of wellness with others.

So, how do you learn to create more wellness for yourself. Yes eating correctly, adopting the right diet, taking the right herbs and exercising will certainly help, but wellness is first created from the mind (mental body).

It is absolutely essential that your mind is brought into a state of wellness.

In order to have a healthy mind there are three important practices that can be done:

1. Contemplate your wellness. Think about where you are in terms of your wellness and take inventory. Record your thoughts and even right down (daily) how you feel with respect to your health and well-being.

What things make you feel good and what things don’t make you feel good? What can you do to change the way you feel?

Have an internal dialogue with yourself at the end of the day to determine what actions you took to create wellness and what actions you took that may of hindered your wellness.

Contemplating creates more awareness and consciousness about your thoughts and actions. It allows you to discriminate more so you can make better choices.

2. Pray as gratitude for your Wellness. Take time everyday to thank the creator of this universe for all the abundance, vitality and wellness that you do have. Realize that there is a greater force at play and this this force or spirit can really guide you if you are sincere and determined.

Have faith and hope knowing that your prayers our positive vibrations sent into the world and will be answered and on some level. You are well, you are healthy you are alive!

3. Meditate. Find time everyday to clear and quiet your mind. Learn to first relax and release all thoughts, worries and desires.

Let your meditation become like a calm clear lake, where the ripples of thoughts slowly subside.

Use a mantra, an image or your breath to focus and concentrate until you become fully absorbed in that (one- pointed).

Meditation helps releases stress and brings one into a state of happiness and bliss which is the essence of true wellness. Even if you are affected by a condition or some pain, you will not pay it any attention and remain content.