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Edmonton Ayurveda Wellness & Yoga Therapy Course – 50 hr certification

This Ayurveda Wellness and Yoga Therapy Course is through the Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda College – a Yoga Alliance approved school.

Dates: November 10,11, 12 & December 8,9,10

Times:  Fri. 6 pm – 9 -pm, Sat. & Sun. 9 am – 4:30 pm,  lunch break from 12:00 – 1:30

Location: Lumiere Yoga Studio 11034 – 124 St NW, Edmonton

Registration: email sacredseedyoga

Facilitators: Jai Kai * Ayurvedic Practitioner & Yoga Therapist

Cost: $650 + gst

Email: SacredSeedYoga @ for registration form

Ayurveda, “the science of life” is a holistic health & healing system that promotes vigor, vitality and longevity for mind, body and spirit. It is the sister science of Yoga and is considered “the mother of all healing”.

This Ayurvedic wellness and yoga therapy certification course is designed for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Students, Holistic Health Therapists and Wellness practitioners who want a deeper understanding of Auyrveda and how to apply it for optimum health and longevity.

For those on a spiritual journey and involved in other healing arts this course allows for a personal transformation within and without.

We will create an environment for Sattvic living – a lifestyle for harmony, inner peace and healing.

All course graduates will receive a 50 hour certificate from the Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda College.  A practicum is also required to be completed as part of your hours.

Program Outline (50 hours):

Foundational of Ayurvedic Principles: Includes the five element theory, the tridosha theory, the seven dhatus, agni, ama, and ojas. Each participant will also explore their own constitution and will learn to integrate these principles in an experiential way.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Ayurveda-Yoga Therapy: Includes the main practices and therapies such as Abhyanga (body oil massage), nasya (nasal treatments), neti pot, eye washes, tongue scraping, oil pulling and the usage of specific herbal & essential oils.

Ayurvedic Assessment Methods: Learn body reading and in-depth ayurvedic assessments which include  analysis of physical, functional and psychological aspects of a person. Also a basic assessment based on tongue analysis.

The Psychology of Ayurveda: Includes understanding psycho-spiritual development, the mental process of health and disease, personality of the doshic types, the subtle energies of the mind (prana, tejas and ojas), and the three gunas as yogic and Psychological Indicators.

Asana & Ayurveda: Each pose is explored relative to the five directions of pranic movement and how that impacts the three doshas. Consideration is given to the effect a pose has on the three doshas as well as the structural and subtle energies of the body.

Pranayama & Ayurveda: Each pranayama technique is explored in its relationship to Ayurveda. Based on an understanding of the flow of prana through the three major nadi. Students will learn the energetic effects of alternate nostril breathing, solar pranayama, lunar pranayama, kapalabhati and other breathing techniques You will also learn to recommend the appropriate practice for your students or clients.

Energy Management: Visualiazations, concentration & meditation techniques will be explored to release samskaras (negative thoughts, emotions & pictures) and create a balanced state of Sattvic energy. Students will learn how to turn attention their inward and explore both their gross and subtle bodies – using this awareness to support the healing process.

Diet & Nutrition: Learn how to integrate specific foods for different individuals with various dosha or constitution types. The Ayurvedic diet and nutritional concepts will be explored in this course for the purposes of health and well-being. Specific spices, herbs and foods used traditionally in Ayurveda to purify and rejuvenate the mind, body and organs will be learned.

This course is registered through the Yoga Alliance and upon completion, each individual will receive a certificate from the Sacred Seed Yoga & Ayurveda College.

Participants who teach yoga will learn how to adapt yoga classes toward the specific needs of each individual according to their dosha or constitution. Teach your tradition or style of yoga integrating Ayurveda & Ayurvedic yoga practices.

The principles  of this ayurveda training will be woven into our own mind and bodies as we practice,  and once assimilated, they can be taught seamlessly – adding distinctive value and appeal to all classes and private Ayurveda & yoga therapy sessions.

Email: SacredSeedYoga @ for registration form

50 hr Ayurveda Yoga Therapy course